Tips for Choosing Healthy Cat Food

If you are an owner of a pet cat, you would definitely your pet cat as healthy as possible. Many of you may already realize how important it is to give healthy cat food to your pet cats. But, at the same time getting the best quality food for your pet cat may be also confusing. There seem to be endless choices in the market. However, despite that, there is no scarcity of disagreement and controversies when it comes to arguing about what is the best food for your pet cats.

Understanding the labels of cat food

The AAFCO has laid down several guidelines for governing what should be included in the label of a pet food. The guidelines also mention what can be legitimately claimed by a food company for pets and what they cannot claim. Start selecting food for your pet by looking at the pet food’s name. The requirement of AAFCO is that if a single ingredient is being advertised, it should constitute of a minimum of 95 percent of that particular ingredient. That should not include additional water. Similarly, if the pet food company advertises that the food consists of a mix of ingredients, the mix should be at least 95 percent of the complete food.

Check out animal protein

You must examine the ingredient list carefully. You must note that the list of ingredients is mentioned by their weight. If a large proportion of moisture is contained within the ingredients like fish, beef, chicken or poultry, they would typically be listed at the top. The ingredients that have less moisture may provide higher key nutrients like protein and have less weight as moisture has been already removed from a dry pet food. All healthy cat food should be typically rich in animal protein, as well as, fat. Cats are carnivores by nature and need nutrients like arachidonic and taurine acid in their diet. And such nutrients can be only obtained from animal sources. These nutrients are not available in foods that have plant-based sources. There may be various forms of animal sources such as fish, poultry, beef, turkey, chicken or other meats.

Grains should be included

Contrary to some controversies about whether pet food should constitute of grains or not, they offer a rich source of carbohydrates. It is easy for your pet cats to metabolize them and subsequently use them as a source of their energy. But there are a few cat experts who opine that it is healthier for your cats to have a diet that is rich in protein but low in starch. But the subject is debatable as all do not agree to this particular viewpoint.