Three Things to Know about Visiting a Dog Park

Taking your dog out for a walk is something that both dog owners and digs enjoy. It is a great way to spend time with your dog, allow him to get some fresh air and also serves as an exercise for you. How about taking your dog to a dog park instead, for a change? However, before you and your dog are all set to visit this new place, here are a few things to be aware of:

1. Your dog should be vaccinated

Your dog will come across several other dogs in the park, and you never know what goes on in their mind. They may get aggressive and attack each other. In case you are unsure how your dog will react in the presence of other dogs, keep it on leash. It will also help you control your dog if any other dog in the park gets temperamental. Moreover, there are likely to be kids in the park as well, apart from other dog owners. So your dog should be vaccinated – for the safety of other dogs, the people in the park as well as that of your dog.

2. Clean up after your dog

It is important that you clean up after your dog when you take it outdoors, especially in dog parks. It is not only irresponsible of you as a dog owner to leave the mess uncleaned, but it also has bad effects on the environment and spoils the experience for other dog owners in the park as well.

3. Be careful with your dog when around children

If there are children in the park and if they wish to play with your dog, allow them to do so only if you are sure that your dog won't jump on them or harm them (even playfully). Children may get scared if your dog comes running to them, and it can land you in trouble. So be careful about whom you allow to play with your dog.

Always keep an eye on your dog in the dog park. A lot of things can go wrong in a dog park, but as long as you are careful, the chances of such instances can be minimized. Also, if you have a female dog who is in heat, it is best to keep her away from a dog park.