Three Popular Cat Food Brands

There are several debates and arguments about what are those cat food brands that are the best for your cat. Moreover there is hardly a single food available in the market that provides all the necessary nutrition for your cat. But there are some brands in the market that regularly feature in top reviews.

Here is a look at the criteria for determining a top cat food and examine a few popular brands that adhere to those criteria.

Criteria for picking up great cat food brands

A superior-quality cat food should ideally have the following attributes:

• Should constitute of no by-products
• Use sources like named meat protein
• Should comprise of no soy, corn or wheat
• Consists of no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Here is a look at the three popular cat food brands based on the above criteria:

1. Orijen

The brand gets excellent ratings for the high quality of their meats from Consumer Search. Its cat food has high amount of meat vis-à-vis other ingredients. Orijen’s meats are all fresh that have not been frozen, These are sourced from the same locality in Canada where the company prepares the food. The formula of their cat food is simple. The protein percentage is 80 while fruits and veggies make up the remaining 20 percent. Though most of the cats are carnivores in nature and may not crave for vegetables or fruits, some of them could be traced to their prey’s stomach when a cat is looking for its prey in the wild. Some of the key ingredients of the cat foods include boneless and fresh chicken, turkey meal and bones and fresh salmon.

2. Evo

Evo’s kitten and dry cat food has been also getting very high rating from Consumer Research and Pet Food Talk. The cat food produced by this brand is quite low in carbohydrates and is free from grain. The brand makes use of real meals and named meats to offer protein content in its formula and not by-products that are less expensive. The brand develops its cat food based on how the animal eats in the wild. The most important ingredients in its cat food include turkey, chicken, chicken meal, and chicken fat. The product does not comprise of any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Nature’s Variety produces one of the highly rated cat foods. The brand is known for producing food products that do not have thickeners in their formulas. Its food formula comprises of 95 percent of liver and chicken meat and just five percent of fruits, vegetables and different types of healthy ingredients. If you are looking for gluten-free and grain free food then this is it. Some of its key ingredients include turkey, chicken, chicken liver, and chicken both.