Sew a Realistic Mice Cat Toy

Pet toys can be quite expensive and for simple pet owners that don’t have an extra penny to spend for it would treat it as a pain in the pocket. Pet toys can help them in developing a certain skill or even fix their boredom for a certain period of time. These toys must be attractive to their senses because if not, they would just ignore it. Most of the pet toys that are being manufactured in the market contain attractive scents or unusual looks that you pet can be hooked to. And these pet toys can be seen in non-toxic silicon, plastics or even made in special clothes.

This tutorial is focused on cats and their love for mice. We will incorporate a catalyst on the toy that will make it more attractive to your pet cat. Now you don’t need to go to a pet store and buy one because this can be sewn in less than an hour. So if you want to give your pet cat a nice treat, then start sewing this now!

Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • a piece of soft brown crafting felt
  • brown yarn
  • a sewing needle
  • gray and orange sewing thread
  • dry cat food
  • a pair of scissors

Step 1:

Cut two medium-sized tear shapes from the soft brown felt. This is the body of the mice.

Step 2:

Align the two brown tear shapes together and sew it using a running stitch. Use a gray sewing thread for this. Leave a small opening at the wide end of the body.

Step 3:

Reverse the right side of the body. This will hide the sewn part of the body.

Step 4:  

Generously fill the body with dry cat food.

Step 5:

Cut a 5 to 7-centimeter long brown yarn. This is the tail of the mice.

Step 6:

Create a loop at one end of the brown yarn and insert the free end on the wide end of the mice’s body. Sew the yarn tail on the body using the same thread that was used to sew the body of the mice.

Step 7:

Cut two small triangles from the same crafting felt. This is the ears of the mice.

Step 8:  

Place the ears on the opposite side of the mice’s head.  The head would be the part of the pointed end of the body.  Sew the ears on the body and make sure to make a loop twice or thrice so that it is sturdy.

Step 9:

Add details to the face of the mice. Use the orange thread for this face detailing. Create a small pair of eyes and a nose at the pointed end of the face..

Step 10:  

Finally done!  Your cat can now enjoy this mice toy anytime!

Your cat would definitely love this mice toy since the cat food inside will smell all over the body of it.  Make this cat toy plain and simple so that the parts would not be hazardous to your pet. Now you don’t need to buy that mice toy in the pet store. You can have it in less than an hour!  Your cat would thank you for this!