What To Look For In A Good Self Service Dog Wash

What To Look For In A Good Self Service Dog Wash

Dogs are truly man's best friend and what better way to get more close to your furry companion than taking them to a self service dog wash. No, it is not something like a car wash where you stick your dog on a conveyor belt and get scrubbed down; it is where you are the one who actually does the washing. Keep reading to find good tips on what to look for in a dog wash that is self service.

You may think that utilizing a self service dog wash is a lot of work, but in fact, it really isn't because these types of places have all the grooming tools you need to make the process as simple as possible. The first step is to find a dog wash of this type and you can do that by looking online or asking other pet owners if they know of one.

The advantages of a self service dog wash are many. The most important one being that your dog trusts you the most especially when they are being touched. You don't have to worry about any liability since you are the one handling the pet. All you have to worry about is transporting the dog to the place, safely placing them in the wash tub and that's it. Most of these places also have a policy in place where no aggressive dogs are allowed.

Other advantages to this type of dog wash is that they will be able to save you money. Self service is always cheaper than having to take them to a regular groomer which can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large dog or one that needs a special type of hair cut. Most self service place is also staffed with regular full-time groomers that can give you tips on how to best clean your dog. They even offer their services once you are done with the self service option if you don't for example like cutting your dogs nails.

The best part of any self service grooming place is that they have to clean up the mess! If you are used to washing your dog at home then you are aware how messy it can get. If you do it outside there is a good chance they may track dirt through your home or get water on your floor. No fur clogging up your bath tub or sink.

What you can find at a self service washer for dogs are what you would find at any type of grooming place. You pay a much lower price but you get so much more including shampoo, conditioner, ear wash, nail clippers, brushes, cologne, towels, and aprons. You can also expect clean warm water and forced air dryers. Most places have waist level bathing tubs so you don't have to bend over which can hurt your back! Dogs that are big they will provide stairs so they can easily climb right in.

Although these places are self service there are professional groomers on hand to help with additional services such as nail trimming, gland expression, teeth brushing, different types of mud baths and facials along with specialty shampoos. In other words, they get the full spa treatment!

Before taking your dog to the self service wash place be sure to read online reviews to what other pet owners have to say. You want to know what services they offer, how clean the place is and whether or not they were satisfied. Once you feel good knowing that this is the place to go, take your furry friend for a ride for a fun day at the self service dog spa.