Reasons Your Dog Could be Behaving Aggressive Suddenly

Has your loving, playful dog suddenly become aggressive? It could be due to several reasons, but you should know that aggression is among the most common behavioral changes noticed in dogs. Before we get to the reasons for aggression in dogs, check if your dog exhibits these behavioral changes as well:

1. Does he suddenly snap at you or other people in the house, especially guests?
2. Does he bark loudly at you or others?
3. Does he snap or snarl frequently?
4. Has he bitten or nipped anyone recently?

All these are signs of intense, aggressive behavior, which means something is disturbing you dog. It could be a physical pain or something deeper.

Aggression due to physical pain

If your dog recently met with an accident or is going through any kind of physical pain, it is likely to get aggressive. If your dog looks weak, or if your notice any other change in its behavior like eating less or sleeping for longer, you should consult a vet about it.

Aggression due to fear

Fear can cause your dog to get aggressive. Fear here could be anything – fear of other dog in the neighborhood or that of a person. If your dog's aggression is due to fear, attacking will most likely be its last resort. A dog experiencing fear-induced aggression is likely to attack only when trapped or cornered.

Aggression due to frustration

If you hold back your dog from doing something, it can get frustrated and in turn become aggressive. Frustration could also be when the dog is forced to do something it is not willing to do.

Territorial aggression

It could be when the dog is trying to protect its territory, mostly from other dogs. However, dogs suffering from territorial aggression can also mistake a friend or a family member to be an intruder and attack them.

Learned aggression

Some dogs may learn that behaving aggressively can keep them safe from danger, so they may react violently to ensure that they stay safe.

It is vital to consult a vet if your dog is getting aggressive because it could put both you and your family members in trouble. An aggressive dog is much likely to bite, even if you are attempting to help relive its pain. In any case, you should not expect the problem to be solved on its own – taking.