Pizza: It’s Even Your Canine’s Favorite Treat

Ordering a pizza and keeping it away from your dog is almost an impossible task, the sudden unannounced jump or playful kick can drop the goodness on the floor even before you are done taking in the smell. It will take only a second for it to happen but the regret after it won’t leave your mind for hours, even days. So if you don’t want your dog messing up with your treats, then you better order some for them too. Better yet, DIY them.

A pizza? For a Dog?

No need to sound so surprised as we are bringing you the answer in 5 different ways.

Gluten-Free Dog Pizza with a Beetroot Sauce:

If dogs were to use YouTube, they would have drooled over just the sight of this. The lady in the video is accompanied by her three huskies that make the cooking even more fun. With step-by-step instructions and a bunch of free tips offered throughout, the pizza hardly takes any effort to make and is surely going to be a win-win with your dog.  Don’t believe us? Just look how fast the dogs finish the pizza treats in the end.

Homemade Healthy Pizza Treats With Dog Food Kitchen

This dog-friendly pizza comes packed with all the healthy vegetables and meats that are not only good for your dog but also loved by them equally. Easy-to-cook instructions just add more cheese to the crust (not an actual expression but doesn’t that sound yummy?) The best thing about the video? The lady has cut the dough in the shape of a bone which makes it look adorable.

Gluten-Free Pizza Treats with Turkey Bacon and Sweet Potatoes:

Because most dogs aren’t big fan of tomatoes as they contain too much sugar content, this featured video shows how you can make a pizza for dogs minus the tomato sauce. Instead, the host uses mashed sweet potato for the base and later adds turkey bacon on top with cheese. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Well, Oscar loved it so we are positive that your dog will too!

Cauliflower Base Pizza:

Using only six-ingredients the lady in the next video makes such a scrumptious treat that most of the comments below have asked if it can be consumed by humans too. Many say they will try it out for themselves first and then perhaps share some with their dogs. Well, it does look pretty good after all!

And Finally A Peanut Butter Layered Pizza:

This is for a dog who is a fan of sugary treats. While making it, just be sure if all your dogs can handle the excess sugar as many dogs feel bloated or lazy afterwards. This recipe involves a few simple ingredients that are present in our pantries most of the times. So what’s the holdup mate? Cook one for your dog tonight!