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Everybody Loves Shopping For Cheap With Petco Coupons at Petco Near Me And High Street Styling At Petco Grooming And Here Are Their Secret Shopping Tips

Shopping For Cheap With Petco Coupons at Petco Near Me And High Street Styling At Petco Grooming

PetcoLet us look at one of the biggest pet retailers in the United States.

Petco Animal Supplies Inc is an American pet retailer which started out in 1965. During the start of the company, veterinary supplies are ordered and delivered via mail. Today, the company is now a pet product distributor and seller of live animals like reptiles, fishes and birds. They also offer services such as pet grooming and dog training. In 1999, they created a foundation named Petco Foundation to promote animal welfare and support pet adoption.

Why should you trust Petco?

They serve as a one-stop shop for pet parents to buy their pet supplies, have their pets groomed and have their pets trained. They also offer walking, pet sitting and other veterinary services.

  • They care for the wellbeing of your pet. Are you familiar with Petco's 7-Point Pet Care Check? This is basically a part of their grooming service. Professional groomers take visual and physical check of your pet's eyes, ears, teeth, nose, underside, skin and coat and nail & pads. This is to ensure that your pets are healthy.

Should a personnel finds something wrong with your pet, they'll prompt you so that you can bring your pets to a licensed veterinarian for more examinations.

  • They believe that you only want the best service for your fur baby so they make sure that their grooming professionals, experienced stylist and even new salon partners undergo an extensive training. They also offer advanced and specialized training.
  • They support pet adoption through their own foundation. Although they have a separate website for their foundation, they also link their customers from their main website to the foundation’s website. Should their customers decide to add another fur baby to their family, they can easily connect them from their website.
  • They hold to “we care every step of the way” by providing affordable yet quality veterinary services to their customer’s pets. They accept simple services like vaccination, parasite prevention, surgeries and complete diagnostics.
  • They offer a wide range of dog classes and training. They believe that an owner and his dog can have a happier, healthier and safer relationship through proper dog training.

You can enroll your puppies as young as 2-4 months old for Basics class. You may also opt to have the Essentials Package to give your pup a comprehensive training.

Adult dog classes are offered for dogs over 6 months old. This includes advance learning skills as well as AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.

Petco near me

Petco near meThere are over 1,500 Petco locations in the US, Mexico and Puerto Rico. If you want to know the nearest store in your locations, you can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Website. Just go to the company’s official website and click Pet Store Locator. From this page, just type in your city, state or zip code. You should be able to see the list of stores near you. You will see all the information you need to contact their local store.
  2. Call. This is probably the easiest way to locate the nearest store near your area. However, calling may take a longer time to connect and speak with a company’s staff member. If you cannot connect online, you may dial 877-738-6742 to speak with a representative that can assist you with your booking and other inquiries.

Petco hours

There are over a thousand Petco locations across the United States and surely there is a local store near your residence. The concern, however, is the store hours which may not match with your work or personal schedule.

Each of the stores varies in their operating hours and may be closed on some days depending on the holidays in the area. The regular hours for stores and grooming salon are from 9AM to 9PM whereas Vetco clinics may only be open in the morning or in the evening.

This is the reason why booking ahead for an appointment is much more convenient. If you’re wondering whether the store is open when you get there with your dogs, it would be best to book for an appointment with them prior to your visit.

If you’re planning for pet grooming, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before your visit to the store:

  • While other pet grooming salon offers online booking, Petco requires a phone call to make an appointment.

To locate the nearest store branch in your area, you need to type in your location by city or zip code in the locator field. Choose a location near you and call the number of that local store. A staff will be able to assist you with the services you need, any add-on services or even request for your favorite pet stylist.

  • Ensure that your dog has the latest rabies vaccinations. This is to create a safe environment both for the staff and other pets in the store. Should you decide to have your dogs vaccinated prior to the visit, wait for at least 24 hours before you check in at the store. Note that some stores will require specific vaccinations before they can accommodate your pets. As an owner, it is also your responsibility to check if your pet is in good health before having them checked in the store.
  • Grooming usually takes 3-4 hours but keep in mind that this will change depending on the breed of your pet and the service or package you requested. If you’re in a hurry, you can request the Express Service in your booking and the staff can arrange everything for you.

Services Offered

Petco Grooming

Petco hoursThis service is categorized into three: full bath, full-service upgrade and puppy service.

Puppy Service: Although puppies seem small and relatively manageable to groom at home, some pet owners prefer to have their fur babies taken care of by a professional groomer. If you have a puppy and you want her to receive the best attention from a professional pet stylist or you just don’t have time to groom her yourself, then book for an appointment with Petco. The service includes ear care, nail trim, shampoo & blow dry and 15 minute brushing.

Full Service Bath: For adult dogs, there is a Full Service Bath which includes basic shampoo, blow dry and 15 minutes brushing plus ear and nail care with scented spritz to complete the service. This can be upgraded with a Haircut service.

Full Service Upgrade: Pet parents may also choose other packages such as 3 Spa Package, Pampered Pet, De-shedding Treatment and Flea Relief.

  • 3 Spa Package

This is a premium service for fur babies who need a makeover. Your pooch will receive all the services in the Full Service Bath plus nail buffing, dental care and use of breath freshener, colored hair extension, nail polish and hair accessory.

  • Pampered Pet

Have you ever wondered why your dogs emit a certain smell? Dogs sweat from their paws and also release some of it from their coat. With the help of Pampered Treatment you are guaranteed that your pooch will receive the best moisturizing regimen for their coat.

The service includes use of Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath or oil treatment. The process will make sure that your pet will have a healthier coat after the treatment.

  • De-shedding Treatment

Some pets have longer hair and they tend to shed more than other dogs. If your dog is one of them, then De-shedding Treatment is right for you. With the extra attention this package gives to the dog’s coat, you are guaranteed of reduce shedding.

Dog Training

Petco couponsPetco believes that training should start at a young age. That's why there are classes open for puppies as young as 2-4 months old. It starts with Puppy Level 1 (2-4 months old) and Puppy Level 2 (4-6 months old) which both take 6 weeks to complete. Pet parents can get comprehensive class packages like Puppy Essentials and Complete Package.

Dogs over 6 months old can attend the starting Level 1 class. Once the dog graduates Level 1, only then can he attend the 6-week Level 2 class. If the dog completed this Level, he can move forward to the Canine Good Citizen Class which is a certification class for excellent dog behavior.

Instead of enrolling your dogs for each Level, you can do this on a one-time enrolment for a comprehensive class – that includes Levels 1 & 2 and AKC Canine Good Citizen class. Pet parents may choose from either Adult Dog Essentials Package or Adult Dog Complete Package.

How are the training classes conducted? There are four different ways the training is conducted in Petco:

  • Group classes: This is a great way not only to teach certain skills to your dogs but also to socialize him with other dogs. If your dog does not know how to make friends with other dogs or maybe even get aggressive upon seeing them, then this is a great training to start him with.
  • Private lessons: This is for dogs which require special needs. Classes can be done on a one-on-one setting.
  • Seminars and workshops: These are short but fun and informative workshops for your pets.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen certification: Completing this class will certify your dog of excellent dog behavior which can be beneficial if you want to train your dog for therapy training.

Pet Sitting

Petco groomingPetco has partnered with a pet service company Rover to get the best and reliable pet sitters and dog walkers. If you're going on a long vacation or business trip, you don't want your pet to stay at your home all alone. Pet sitting allows pet parents to go on trips or work without having to worry about the wellbeing of their fur babies.

Below are some of the services you can get:

  • Boarding: This allows your fur baby to stay in a pet hotel overnight.
  • House sitting: You can ask someone to pet sit your fur baby while you're away.
  • Walking: If you have no time because you're busy or away from home, you can ask someone to walk your dog.
  • Day care: This is especially helpful for pet parents with puppies who need attention even at daytime.
  • Drop-in visits: Get your pooch a play date to drop-in at your home.

Veterinary Services

Remember that the veterinary services can be done either in a Wellness Center or Vet Hospital. Depending on the kind of service you need, there will also be differences in visit requirements.

Simple vaccinations, blood work, skin and ear problems, travel certificates and simple screening can be done in the Wellness Center. You only need to drop by the center during evening and weekend operating hours without any need for prior appointment.

On the other hand, surgeries such as spay and neuter, mass removals, oral surgery and complete diagnostic testing are all done in Vet Hospital. This means that you need to book your appointment before your visit.

Supplies Delivery

Petco made shopping easy and affordable for their customers with their Repeat Delivery system. All you need to do is shop online, set your schedule for delivery, be home during those hours and wait for the store to deliver your supply right at your doorstep. In fact, they even give you a 20% off if you sign up for your first delivery.

The best part of this is that Repeat Delivery subscribers are entitled to free shipping even for add-on items that need to be shipped separately.


If you decide to add another furry friend into your home, you can contact your local store for any adoptable pet. From Petco Foundation website, you can see profiles of pets ready for adoption. Finally, you may attend adoption events near your location to meet the pets personally.

Petco Coupons

This is a code given to store customers to receive specific discounts for their products or services. Sometimes, a code is not necessary to get a discount. As long as you shop using the code link, you’ll be able to save money.

You can get a coupon in two ways:

The company’s official website

Bookmark the company’s website and check out some coupon codes they release from time to time. Just make sure to note the expiry date of these codes since they do not honor any expired code.

To give you an idea how much you can save from these Petco coupons, check out some of the online promos on their website:

  • Free Shipping on your $29 order! (Offer valid online only. Exclusions apply.)
  • 20% off your first Repeat Delivery order (Use promo code: rdsave20. Offer valid online only. Exclusions apply.)
  • up to 30% off cat food
  • up to 40% off dog treats
  • Free shipping on aquatic life orders of $175 or more (Offer valid only on live fish, corals, invertebrates and plants. Does not apply to live rock or live sand.)

Coupon Sites

Several coupon sites such as Groupon, Offers.com, Coupons.com and RetailMeNot have available Petco online codes. You can get up to 50% off for any products of the company.

You might get confused as some of these coupons have codes while some do not have any code. What these coupon sites do is refer the users straight to the specific page on the company’s website where the discounted services and products are given. All you have to do is shop straight from the website or have your pet supplies delivered to your home to get the discount.

Surprisingly, a lot of customers prefer to use coupon sites because it is more convenient and faster than having to locate the products and services from the company website.

  • com: This is very easy to use. Just go to the website, click Get Code, copy the code and save it in your notepad. Then Go to Petco website, shop and paste the code at checkout!

Sample: Free Shipping on $49+ Petco Promo Code (Petco Discount applied at checkout. Restrictions apply.)

  • com: No signups needed for this. You only need to click Get Offer and an instruction window will show up on your screen. This one does not require a code so you can go directly to the company page referenced by Offers and shop from there.

Sample: Up to 50% off select items (Expires on 1/01/18 Save on seasonal items, pet beds, food and more.)

  • RetailMeNot: No signups needed for this and works the same way as Offers.com. You only need to click Get Deal and an instruction window will show up on your screen. This one does not need a code so you can shop directly on the company page referenced by RetailMeNot.

Sample: Up to 60% Off Crates & Kennels

So now that you have all the information, all you need to do is to find the products and services you want. You can also check their website or other coupon sites to save money off the regularly priced products.

Start searching online and grab that amazing Petco deals now!