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Here’s How Much Money You Are Losing By Not Shopping Smart At Pet Supplies Plus Near Me With Awesome Pet Supplies Plus Coupons

Shopping Smart At Pet Supplies Plus Near Me With Awesome Pet Supplies Plus Coupons

Pet Supplies PlusWhatever kind of pet (or pets) you have, finding a trusted store for buying their supplies will benefit both your pockets and your pet’s well-being. Luckily, with Pet Supplies Plus, shopping and saving on pet goods has never been easier. With a wide variety of products and brands on sale to choose from, you can be sure that your pet gets to enjoy their favorite treats and items for lower prices—without compromising quality.

Pet Supplies Plus is one of the USA’s largest pet supply retailing corporations. With over 325 stores in 25 states, you are sure to find one near you. Plus, it’s more than just a pet supply store; they are also a pet shop that sells a variety of pet animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and other small pets like hamsters. As a combined pet and pet supply store, you can say that Pet Supplies Plus is an all-in-one destination for pet and animal lovers who like to get great deals on pet food items, pet accessories and pet furniture. Select stores also have a self-serve dog wash where you can bring in your beloved pooches, and get them clean nice in a jiffy. It’s a pets, supplies, plus pet grooming station that you and your pet will definitely love.

To get an idea on how much you can save just by shopping at Pet Supplies Plus, here are some detailed FAQs that can help guide you with your pet shopping needs:

What can I find in Pet Supplies Plus for my dog?

Pets Supplies PlusWhen it comes to Pet Supplies Plus, you’d be surprised to know just how many products and services they can offer for your dog.

Dog Food

Pet Supplies Plus is an all-brand carrying store. You’ll find the best-selling and the most affordable brands of dry dog food and wet dog food here. You can even use the Dog Food Finder on their website to help you search for particular types and brands that your dog prefers to eat— some even come with discounts and low price deals! Read on to know about the different types of dog food you can choose for your best buddy.

Dry dog food – Also called kibble, dry dog food is the most common and most recommended choice for healthy dogs. The firm texture does not only provide crunch and flavor, it also gives your dog’s jaw some exercise and can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong.

Wet dog food – The delectable—at least for your dog—canned dog food is the prime choice for pooches who like to indulge in rich meaty flavors. The soft texture is a treat for your dog’s taste buds and also makes eating a lot easier and faster. Wet dog food is the best for dogs who can’t chew on kibbles properly—those who have dental or jaw problems, are recovering from illness or medical operation, or simply prefer wet dog food over dry dog food.

Frozen raw or freeze dried – Raw and freeze dried dog food are made from all-natural meat ingredients like beef, chicken, turkey and salmon. This is the type of dog food that gives more protein and allows your dog to enjoy a chewy and meaty treat that satisfies their innate craving for raw meat. Dogs, as descendants of wolves, are primitively carnivorous animals and raw meat is a great addition to their diet.

Grain-free dog food – For dogs who have grain or cereal allergies, and those who have certain medical conditions that restricts grain consumption, grain-free dog food is the best type for them. It is also preferred by dog owners who want to feed their dogs with meals that are meat-based and not grain-based.

Puppy dog food – Puppies need specialized dog foods that are formulated to support their nutritional needs for proper growth and development. Generally, puppy dog food is packed with more nutrients and has flavors that are more palatable for puppies.

Senior dog food – Just like puppies, senior dogs need a special formula that will meet their changing nutritional and caloric needs. Senior dogs will require food products that are fortified with more vitamins and minerals to support and keep their aging bodies healthy and active.

Dog Treats and Edible Chews

Pet Supplies Plus CouponsAside from basic dog food, Pet Supplies Plus has various dog treats and edible chews that you can use as rewards for your beloved pets. Treats and edible chews are also good motivators for your dog while they’re training and while travelling with you.

Dog Accessories and Apparel

Pet Supplies Plus features a variety of dog accessories and apparel that your dog will need for daily, travel or special use. From collars and leashes to hats and sweaters, you’ll find plenty of stylish and high-quality products your dog can wear comfortably and confidently.

Dog Toys

At Pet Supplies Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of fun toys for your dog. You’ll find chew toys, squeaky toys, and balls of different sizes that your dog will love chewing on. There are also dog-friendly stuffed toys that they can cuddle with during their sleep. Toys also provide stimulation for your dog while you’re travelling with them or when they’re left all alone at home.

Grooming and Health Supplies

Pet Supplies Plus near meYou can find great deals on pet grooming and health products that will help maintain your dog’s overall well-being. Pet Supplies Plus features trusted brands of dog dental care products, eye and ear care products, vitamins and health supplements, pill pockets, skin and hair care products, and other grooming products.

Dog Furniture

Pet Supplies Plus is the best place to go when you need to buy furniture and supplies for your new dog or when your puppy has already grown out of their puppy-sized furniture. You can find stylish yet durable dog beds, crates, mats, housings, baskets, strollers, carriers and other travel gears.

Parasite Control

Whether it’s the fleas, ticks or worms that you need to get rid of, you can find the treatment products you need at Pet Supplies Plus. Treatments are available in the form of shampoos, soaps, sprays, topical creams, medicated collars, pills, and treatment products for your home and yard.

Grooming Services

If you need to get your pooch a haircut, their nails clipped, or just some brushing, Pet Supplies Plus can help you with that. With friendly and professional pet grooming staff, you can be sure that your pet would be pampered and well taken care of.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Because the people at Pet Supplies Plus loves working with animals, their stores now feature a self-service dog wash that can help every owner keep their dogs squeaky clean easily. You can opt to use the dog wash first then bring your freshly cleaned pooch to the grooming station for after-bath drying and grooming.

What can I find in Pet Supplies Plus for my cat?

It’s not only dogs that can enjoy a great shopping experience at Pet Supplies Plus, even cats get the royal feline treatment with great discounts and deals on cat supplies and furniture.

Cat Food

Pet Supplies Plus hoursCat food, like dog food, comes in different types and brands. In Pet Supplies Plus, you’ll find the most popular brands of cat food that can provide your cat with their daily nutritional needs.

Dry cat food – Kitty kibbles give a crunchy meal that cats enjoy. It gives their jaws plenty of chewing and biting exercise and helps keep their teeth looking clean. Dry cat food comes in different fish and seafood flavors with added poultry and vegetables.

Wet cat food – Canned cat food comes in various recipes and flavors that your cat will gladly indulge in. Wet cat food has a bit more flavor than dry food, so it’s really quite a treat for your feline friend.

Frozen raw or freeze dried cat food – Usually grain free, frozen raw cat food are meals made of fish and seafood ingredients that are both tasty and rich in protein.

Milk replacement – Most cats love milk. Kittens, in particular, need to continue drinking milk as they grow. Milk replacements provide young kitties with the right amount of nutrients that they used to get from their mommies. Cat milk products are also available for those milk-loving adult cats to give them enough protein and calcium to maintain their agile bodies.

Kitten cat food – Kittens have high nutritional needs, so they need cat food that are specially formulated and fortified to meet their bodies’ growing needs.

Senior cat food – Senior cats are particularly susceptible to nutritional deficits because of their aging bodies. Senior cat foods are particularly formulated to provide adequate nutrition for older cats.

Cat Treats

Cats enjoy treats as much as dogs do, so Pet Supplies Plus carries various brands of cat treats that your feline friend will surely enjoy nibbling on. Whether your cat likes it crunchy or chewy, you’ll find the right treats that will fit your cat’s unique preferences.

Cat Toys and Accessories

At Pet Supplies Plus, you’ll find a wide selection of cat accessories and toys that are high-quality and affordable. From collars and harnesses to chew toys and catnip toys, you’ll be sure to find everything that your cat would need in one of the many store branches.

Cat Furniture

Cats are territorial creatures, so it’s important to furnish your home with essential cat furniture that will give them a place to lounge about in and call their own territory. Pet Supplies Plus has different brands of cat beds, crates, scratchers, trees, and kitty litters in a variety of designs that can fit in with your home’s furniture theme.

Grooming and Health Supplies

Cats like to be well-groomed all the time. To meet their grooming and health needs, Pet Supplies Plus features different cat-approved products for dental care, eye and ear care, health supplements, hairball remedy, and pill pockets.

Parasite Control

Much like dogs, cats can catch fleas, ticks and worms from the environment. To help prevent and treat any infestation, you should check Pet Supplies Plus’ wide array of treatment products for your cat and your home.

Grooming Services

The pet grooming stations in Pet Supplies Plus stores can help you maintain your cat’s graceful feline look. Whether your cat needs a nail clip or a hair makeover, you can be sure to get the right help and pampering for that.

What can I find in Pet Supplies Plus for other pet animals?

Pet Supplies Plus is not only a pet and pet supplies store for cats and dogs; they also have products for caring for other animal pets like birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

You can find bird seeds, pellets, bird cages, feeders and toys for your birdie pals. They also have bird health supplies such as medicines, vitamins and health supplements.

For your little fishies, Pet Supplies Plus can provide you with fish food supplies like flakes, pellets, crisps, and freeze dried fish food. A selection of aquariums, aquarium decors, filters and lighting are also available.

Your reptile and amphibian friends can also benefit from shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. With a variety of pellets and granules, crickets and mealworms, and food sticks, your favorite scaly critter will never go hungry. You’ll also find furnishing items for reptile habitats and beddings.

Where and how do I find Pet Supplies Plus near me?

You can find Pet Supplies Plus virtually anywhere near residential neighborhoods and in mall strips. You can also use the store locator on their website to find their stores’ exact locations or addresses. With over 325 stores across the States, there will always be a Pet Supplies Plus store near you.

Where can I get Pet Supplies Plus coupons?

To get a supply of Pet Supplies Plus coupons and save $100 per year on pet food and supplies, just join their loyalty program online by creating your own PPC member account. Plus, you get a $5 discount off your next purchase upon signing up. They also have weekly and monthly sale promos at their stores where you can get as much as $10 off on selected sale items. Coupons can also be printed from select pet websites online.

Saving 100$ and more on pet supplies is not something you can enjoy from other pet stores. So stop losing money by saving more at Pet Supplies Plus with their loyalty program, coupons and special sale promos.

What is Pet Supplies Plus’ hours of opening and closing?

Pet Supplies Plus’ staff employees work three shifts everyday so that the pet stores can be maintained and the animal pets can be cared for 24/7. The pet supplies stores, on the other hand, are generally open every day even on Sundays. The store hours may vary from store to store, depending on the location and franchise management.

Here’s the schedule for most Pet Supplies Plus stores:

Monday      –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Tuesday     –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wednesday –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Thursday    –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Friday        –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday    –       9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday      –       10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Pet Supplies Plus offers pet products of the best quality in low prices and deals. They also have great customer service and working environment. At Pet Supplies Plus, you and your pet will be welcomed warmly and assisted efficiently throughout your shopping. The pet treats are even displayed at nose-level so your little buddies can smell them and take samples while you shop comfortably.

If you are unable to regularly drop by any of the nearest Pet Supplies Plus stores, you can also order your favorite pet products online through their website. You can even enjoy rare discounts by opting to purchase online. Another plus is, if you’re purchasing as a PPC member, you get access to exclusive sale items that you won’t find in the stores.

Pet Supplies Plus collaborates with local animal rescue groups to conduct adoption events so they can find new homes for the recued animals. Aside from local adoption events, each store has a pet adoption department where pet and animal lovers can choose and shop for different species of pet animals. From furry cats and dogs to scaly lizards and snakes, there’s an animal for everyone in the neighborhood.

Also, Pet Supplies Plus continues to hire enthusiastic people who like working with animals and caring for other people’s pets. Their friendly and homey working environment makes working there a great experience. Working at Pet Supplies Plus is more than just the paycheck, it also develops interpersonal and professional values that will help improve competence and reliability in the workplace.

True to their claim, Pet Supplies Plus is “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store”. When you choose to shop there for pet food and supplies, you are guaranteed that your pet’s health and well-being are in good hands. To learn more about their products, services, sale promos, and franchising process, you can visit their official website here: https://www.petsuppliesplus.com/.