PAW-bably The Best DIY Toys to Keep Your Welsh Corgi Entertained for Hours

welsh corgiBy nature, these little bundles of joys are full of energy, enthusiasm, and a never-ending love for the outdoors. But what if the owner isn’t as playful as the dog? Who is going to keep it entertained and occupied if not their master? Didn’t the master swear to love them, pet them and provide for them? Play was an essential part of that promise, wasn’t it? But with so much going on in their lives most people find it difficult to live up to their dog’s expectations. Sad, but true! The ending of this sad movie has a dog waiting for its owner by the train station. (And no, that is not the story of Hitachi!)  

Well, that is the issue we are going to address in this week’s article. We are going to list some of the best chew toys, toss-away toys and frozen treats that we can guarantee your dog is going to fall in love with.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Amazing on its own, this is a multipurpose toy for your little one as it doubles as a treat stuffer too. Add as many treats as you like in it and see your dog play with it for hours without giving you the puppy dog face. This can be purchased directly from here or ordered from sites like and etc.

Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toy

Next up, this pet toy rope is a god-gifted toy that comes in a bundle of 4. It is easy to tug on, toss away and chew all while ensuring that your pup’s teeth stay clean and gums massaged. What more can you need.

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Toy

Another one on the list, this chewable bone with a textured exterior is another useful toy for your pet. The best part, it comes with an irresistible bacon design that even you will have a hard time staying away from. Promise!

However, if you are not into buying things and are on a shoestring budget, here are some great DIYs for you to get busy with.

Frozen treats

When the temperature gets high, this one is going to be your corgi’s most favourite time pass. All you need is to freeze its most favourite toys or treats in a cake mould and see how it enjoys devouring it. If not a very cakey person (Don’t be surprised, many aren’t) freeze some treats in popsicle mould, or as we like to call them, pupsicles. Who knows, your corgi may thank you in the most amazing manner later!

Ropey t-shirts:

Everyone has some spare t-shirts or towels that will soon be used to mop the floor or clean the kitchen tiles. Better yet, tie them together in a knot and let your corgi have the time of its life playing with it and running after it. Take a look at how Sophie helps you make one here.

Tennis ball treats:

Well, this is where the real fun begins. Hide some treats in a tennis ball by making a cut into it and throw it at your corgi. Enjoy with a glass of chilled beer as it tries to tear it apart. One secret: it won’t tear apart that easy as the felt on the rubber keeps stretching it back to its original position. Learn how to make one here:

A frozen sock ball:

We don’t really know what it is about them that the corgis love so much but they do. Don’t believe us? Try giving your corgi one. But how to make one? Here’s how:

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Fishing bait:

What you need is a big rope, a chew toy/treat for bait and a hanger or thin pipe for the rod. Tie it all together and you have fishing bait with treats. Your corgi is going to love it!

DIY dog feeder:

An old pipe will do the trick. Drill some holes into and fill it with small dog treats that may easily pass through the little holes. Enjoy as your corgi rolls away with it, each time treating itself for the effort. Wanna know how to make one? Read this for detailed instructions. By the time it is done, it will be tired to the bone! If it makes it this excited, then why not?

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