What Kind Of Cat Are You? Please Do Not Take This Cat Survey If You Are Not A Cat Lady


We love our cats. Children and some men (hee) aside, the level of intimacy is real.

We sleep together, we give them baths, we serve them food, we pick up what they “left behind”. It makes you wonder who is the Real Boss. With the exception of overpriced coffee, our cats eat healthier and more expensive food than we do.

In return, our cats make us happy, just looking at them can brighten up our day. They are happy when we are happy. More importantly, they cuddle and comfort us when we are sad. It's like their cat instinct can feel when we are blue.

Speaking of sensitivity, there are studies that show cats and owners emulate each other's behavior. So let's take a survey. Just what kind of cat are you?

The “Gift” Giver – You put yourself out there without fear of getting hurt.

The Napper – You can sleep anywhere and anytime.

The Thief – You wake up in the middle of the night to scrounge for food.

The Glutton – You're a foodie. BMI be damned.

Catnip Addict – You will do anything for treats.

The Climber – You keep living above your means to keep up with the Joneses.

The Nail Biter – Self-explanatory.

The Screamer – Self-explanatory.

The Pouncer – You keep an eye on your goal and you go for it.

The Exhibitionist – You sleep and sit with your legs wide open.

The Hugger – Men always say you're too clingy.

The Poop Hider – You're the type who would never admit you farted in an elevator.

The Antagonist – You hiss and talk a lot when you're angry, scared, frustrated, anxious, excited, terrified, stressed, etc…

The Ear Twitcher – You can't resist the latest gossip.

The Floor Roller – You're a closet dominatrix.

The Heater Sleeper – You can't resist hot things, Tabasco, Chili, Guys.

The Stalker – You're the type who would follow your husband on his business trip to Vegas.

The Scratcher – You're a cat fight champion.

The Biter – Goodness, what you been chewing on lately Lady?

The Laptop Napper – You sleep at work.

The Notebook/Book Napper — You're an expert at sleeping at work and you are even better than the Laptop Napper, or you are just older.

The Newspaper / Magazine Destroyer – You're absolutely obsessed with discount coupons.

The Furniture Pisser – You always get your revenge.

The Ballplayer – You're a player…of balls.

The Bath Avoider – I hope none of you ladies fall under this category

These are just some of the typical cat behaviors that maybe…just maybe they picked up from their respective owners and vise versa. So let's hear it, What kind of cat are you?

Please share this cat survey with other deserving Cat Ladies…