Introducing a New Dog to Other Dogs in the House

Dogs are friendly creatures. However, bring home another pup or a dog and you will soon realize that jealously is not just something that humans experience. If you already have a dog and want to introduce another dog to your existing one, you will have to be careful of a few things while introducing them to each other. One of the two things are likely to happen when your new and exiting dogs come face to face – they may either hit it off soon or may be aggressive with each other. Here is how you can ensure that it's a peaceful process:

1. Pick a dog that you feel will be compatible with your present one

Most adult talks are not friendly with puppies. So if you have an adult dog already, and want a pup this time, you should expect a few days of growling and snapping. However, it is unlikely that your dog will attack or hurt the pup. Also it is much likely for dogs to be accepting of dogs of the opposite sex. If your dog is old, it is likely to have an issue with an adult dog than a puppy. Also ensure that the characteristics of both the dog breeds are at least not opposite, if not similar.

2. Teach the rules

Your existing dog will definitely feel threatened with the arrival of a new one. Your dog may even set some rules for the new one to follow, and things should be fine as long as these rules are obliged by. So if your dog does not like sharing its food bowl with the new one, give them food separately. Make sure the new dog does not do anything that the old one does not like, so that both the dogs start feeling comfortable in each other's presence, without feeling threatened.

Always supervise the behavior of the dogs. If you feel they might get into a fight in your absence, keep them away from each other. Remember those days when you first got your dog and had to train it to behave a certain way? Well, it's probably time to do the same again. It will probably take both the dogs one to three weeks to get friendly with each other, after which it's going to be all play and happy licks!