The Different Pros And Cons Of Flushable Cat Litter

flushable cat litterThe Different Pros And Cons Of Flushable Cat Litter

As a cat owner, it is common knowledge, that one of the most irritating issues is keeping the litter box clean. This typical task is a large chore that all cat owners need to face on a daily basis. If the cat litter chore is neglected, it can result in several unwanted consequences including a terrible odor that can permeate any room. Based on this issue, marketers have developed a means of making cat litter maintenance easier and simpler. One of these methods is the use of flushable cat litter.

What Is Flushable Kitty Litter?

In previous years, many people living in high-rise apartments or complexes without access to outdoor garbage units wished for flushable cat litter. The option of this type of cat litter would make the chore of cleaning out the cat litter box far simpler. Nowadays, it is possible to find this flushable litter in almost all pet stores and particularly using online retailer options.

This type of “flushable” cat litter is a form of cat litter created using biodegradable components. The most common of these materials include shredded newspaper, pine pellets, cedar and pin sawdust, whole kernel corn, and wheat by-products. The cat litter is also known as a natural or organic type of cat litter because the material is sourced from nature and does not include any synthetic elements. One of the top eco-friendly brands includes Feline Pine.

What Are The Benefits To Using Flushable Kitty Litter?

1. Highly Convenient

It is seen that the most beneficial aspect of this flushable cat litter is the convenience factor. Instead of having to dispose the odorous cat litter in garbage receptacles, it can be easily flushed down the toilet. This allows one to be rid of the mess and the smell in one movement which is, needless to say, a great convenience for cat owners.

2. Cost-Effective

The materials used to create the flushable litter tend to be light in texture making this a cost-effective option. The way this works is that cat litter will typically increase in cost based on the weight of the product, particularly when the item is purchased online. For example, clumping clay cat littler will cost 20 cents per pound; however, the flushing litter costs only 3 cents per pound. This is highly beneficial for people operating on a budget and looking for cheaper cat litter alternatives.

3. Environmentally Friendly

If you own a cat, it is known that the litter box will have some detrimental environmental impact; however, using the flushable kitty litter can reduce the negative impact is some manner. Instead of using traditional environmentally damaging litter, using the flushable litter will be more environmentally friendly. This is due to the fact that the litter itself is comprised of organic materials which are not thrown away in the trash. It also reduces the smell of the litter box which can contribute to less air pollution.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Flushable Kitty Litter?

1. The Cat's Opinion

One consideration that needs to be made when opting for the flushable litter is the cat's opinion of the change. The majority of cats are used to the traditional texture of the clay litter and may not be keen on using the flushable type. This can be a disadvantage because the cat will not use the box if flushable litter is used; therefore, the cat will defecate and urinate on the floor or the furniture.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, the flushable litter option has many benefits and few disadvantages. However, the option of whether or not to use the new type of litter is yours and only you can decide if it is suitable to your needs.