Is Embroidered Dog Collars The Most Trending Thing Now?

embroidered dog collars

Embroidered Dog Collars – A Personalized Way To Pamper Your Pet

As a doting pet owner, we are sure your dog is the apple of your eye and you think it is the most unique and special person in this world so if we told you you could up the notch on the uniqueness of your dog by purchasing embroidered dog collars for it, wouldn't you go for it?

Being a pet owner, we are pretty sure that your dog is your source of pride and joy. You obviously enjoy pampering your pet with some special treats, some long walks around your neighborhood and even a quick trip to the dog salon. One aspect you might have easily overlooked is ensuring that your dog is dressed up as well as possible. Embroidered dog collars are the very first item you need to consider when thinking about dressing your dog. An embroidered collar is not any kind of collar but a special type of collar with embroidered symbols, scrolling, and lettering on it.

What Exactly Is An Embroidered Dog Collar?

An embroidered collar is one of the best ways to pamper your pet. This collar is more than a mere dog tag that you add to your dog's collar displaying a name and phone number just in case your dog goes missing. Embroidered dog collars are more than simple dog tags because they are an expression of your personal feeling towards your dog. Gone are the days when these collars were used to control and confine a dog to a certain location. And if you're looking for the best way to show to the world how you feel about your dog, then an embroidered collar is the way to go.

Unique And Personalized Embroidered Dog Collar For Your Special Dog

By buying an embroidered dog collar, you will be getting a highly decorative item for your lovely pet. Moreover, there is no limit in the manner you can personalize your collar. To begin with, you will probably want to have some kind of inscriptions embroidered on the collar, such as the dog name or phrases that you use to get Fido's attention. You also want to limit the lettering to a maximum of seven letters and inscriptions can either be glued, printed or sewn on the dog collar. From there, you can opt to have some additional symbols around the lettering such as flowers or hearts or anything else you desire just to make the collar unique. You can also decide to add some adornments to the collar such as small metal studs or rhinestones.

Use A Dog Collar As An ID Tag

The possibilities for embroidered dog collars are endless and you are only limited by your creativity and imagination. You should not forget to have your name and phone number on the collar because it serves a practical purpose in case your dog goes astray. Moreover, having this information on your dog's collar ensures that he returns to you in the shortest time possible.

Should You Make A DIY Dog Collar?

With an embroidered dog collar, one has the option to either make a custom collar or buy a ready-made collar. Making a custom dog collar can be a bit intimidating but if you really want your dog to have a collar made off your hands, then there are numerous instructional books and videos on the topic to get you going. Even when the final product is likely to give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, you must understand that such skills take some time to master and that the design elements will be limited to your patience. If you are up to the task, buy a basic collar, some high-quality threads, look through instructional videos and get going. Here's a cool DIY video for you:

Should You Go For A Readymade Dog Collar?

You also have the option to buy a ready-made collar from the nearest pet supplies store. However, the downside of buying a ready-made embroidered dog collar is that you will have a limited selection to choose from and as a result, you might not find a unique collar for your pet.