Dog Lady: What Makes YOU The Luckiest Person On Earth?

dog lady

Dog Lady: What Makes YOU The Luckiest Person On Earth?

Anyone who has ever owned a dog would know of the joy of meeting it for the first time, especially in your capacity as a dog lady. The strange, unsure eyes turn loyal the moment they are patted with a “who’s a good boy” cheer. From that day onwards to the day they pack their bags and move to heaven, dogs are the only companion better than any human to a dog lady.

Throughout their life, they teach us dog ladies a number of things. The importance of a fixed routine, the cheerfulness of letting yourself loose, the acting crazy without worrying about being judged, loving unconditionally, forgiving even those who don’t deserve it, protecting what you love and subconsciously helping us meet new people are few benefits of owning a dog and being a dog lady.

Because females have always been associated with humbleness, kindles, love, care and affection, this article will too, explore the many benefits a dog lady reaps from owning a dog in terms of well-being, good health and personal development.

That tail wagging and happy cheers to greet you when you are back from home to being your movie buddies, dogs have earned an important place in our lives today. No wonder they are America’s most favourite pet!

There are countless studies that reveal that being a dog lady and having a dog in your life can transform it for the better, how their presence heals you of a number of diseases, how they prevent you from being lonely. This article, in particular will discuss all the benefits of owning a dog in detail and being a dog lady.

A majority of these benefits are backed up by years of scientific research, which means that by the time you are done reading it you will have a newly-found respect for your four-legged canine. You will also come across some interesting things that they try to teach us, so consider this article a fun filled read with a lot to offer in terms of advice and entertainment.

Let’s begin! *Woof woof*

Personal Transformation Of A Dog Lady

dog lady

Personal transformation is often described as a process of being transformed into a better version of yourself. Many associate the very term with becoming aware of one’s own existence and finding a purpose in life. Personal transformation can take different forms. For some it may be about moving forward, for some about letting go, for some learning from their mistakes, for some aiming for better things in life, for some reaching out to new opportunities or bonding with God.

Bonding with God is regarded as the highest and purest form of personal transformation. There is nothing more blessed than finding out the reason why you were born in the first place. Dogs help their humans discover that bond. They work as our natural spiritual leaders. How do they do it and help us transform into our best versions? Here is out take on that.

The first step to any awakening process is realization or getting in touch. Now think about how you feel as a dog lady when you pet your dog. The connection and bond being made and the response received. Scientists believe that humans are naturally drawn towards anything fur-like. We find the act comforting as it is also known to uplift our mood, heal sickness, improve memory, lessen anxiety and boost our serotonin and oxytocin levels. Just a touch does that.

In any personal transformational journey, awareness of this touch is important. By touching you feel more connected and closer to the dog as a dog lady. The same way, when you connect with god on a personal level, you start the process of personal transformation. You experience a positive change in your mood, a decline in your worries, a satisfaction that someone is watching over you.

The next step of a personal transformation or self-discovery journey is being in the present. How does a dog preach that? By making the most of the present moment. It doesn’t care what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future –all it cares about is the present. Ever had a rough night where you came back home in a bad mood and then scolded your dog just to vent out that frustration? Yes, it has happened to the best of us even if you are supposedly the nicest dog lady around. But does the dog hold grudges? The next morning, it will come to you with the same passion it had yesterday and every day before that.

It doesn’t worry about whether you will take it for a walk tomorrow in the park or not, if you are taking it out today, it is reason enough for it to get excited and jump with anticipation. If that doesn’t count as a teaching to stay in the moment, we don’t know what does.

Thirdly, one must be happy with what they have in order to be transformed personally as a dog lady. Yes, it is the stage of gratitude. Trying to find beauty and happiness in the little things. Dogs, in this regard, can be the best teachers. They don’t own a big house, tons of clothing and shoes and a bank balance. All they have is some chew toys, a kennel and food and look how happy they are.

They don’t work long nights in the hope of more. They are content with what they have and don’t put any pressure on themselves or others by requesting more. That is what we humans must aim for too, if we want to be transformed for the good. We must prioritize the things that matter and make us happy rather than worrying about things that we don’t want or hold any significant value to us. Dogs teach us that life is too short to stay worried. It is simple and therefore, must be kept that way.

The last stage of any personal transformational journey is realizing that no one is perfect. Even those with their big cars and lavish parties lack some things. We are all flawed in some way and that is what makes us unique. Accepting those flaws is what makes us a better human.

We, as humans, must learn to accept others with flaws too. We should not judge those who are different from us based on their religion, caste or race. Ever seen a dog do that? Hell, they even become best friends with birds and monkeys, so why can’t we. They teach us how to respect these differences and look beyond them because everyone is beautiful. God only makes masterpieces, agreed?


dog lady

Picture an image of a dog playing with a treats-filled Kong toy. See how determined it is? Despite several failed attempts, bites into it with the same determinations and intrigue as the first time. What does that simple act teach us? More importantly, how does it help us?

It helps us to stay motivated. Determined to reach our goals. We must never give up and continue fighting for the things we love and deserve. It also teaches us to step out of our comfort zone and look for new means and ways to deal with our problems at hand.

Not every problem will have a simple solution. There will be challenging times, time that would test our patience and commitment. One can only come out a victor if he/she is ready to do the unimaginable. Yes, a dog might throw things away, use its paws, lick it and what not until it gets what it needs. So should you as a dog lady!


Did you know according to a survey, dog owners are more friendly, approachable and outgoing than cat people? That is because dogs demand more physical activity than a cat. They want you to leave the house to go for a walk. There you meet other dog owners and become friends with them. Other research studies also suggest that dogs are very intuitive beings and can actually sense when their owner is feeling down. We all know that a walk in the park with kids playing around and couple sharing cute moments is the perfect recipe to cheer up.

Another research study revealed that pets fulfil one’s social needs the same way as friends do. Their company is just as effective as it is of a human friend. They do so by boosting your self-esteem that you are not alone, giving you a sense of belongingness and a purpose to live for when you don’t have one.


Dogs are the perfect examples of what love should be like. They are filled with gratitude. Loyalty and compassion towards their masters. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that they know love more than we humans who declare ourselves as love experts know about it.

Most of us have been in love at some point in our lives. For some it lasted a year and for others a lifetime, most of us realized that love is unpredictable. It is also unforgettable and incredible at the same time. So is it for a dog.

They teach us that it is unconditional. No matter how many ups and downs come in their way, how good or bad they are treated, their love never dies. They won’t judge you if you recently lost your job. They would just be there and sit by your side wagging their tails. They won’t see you as an imperfect being and that is the first principle of love. You accept your partner as they are.

Secondly, they teach us the importance of patience. They test us to our limits with their housebreaking accidents, yard destruction, and toilet paper thrashing or chewing onto our favourite shoes. But do we leave them or ask them to leave? We don’t. We try to figure out the reason behind it. Instead, we act patiently and start reminding them of the ground rules.

Every relationship is the same. Not every partner will act the way they used to after sometime, they might be going through some tough time and therefore act weirdly. They might have too much emotional baggage with them, making them do all the crazy things, but just because they are acting a bit out of character, you don’t have to leave them. You just have to restart from the beginning and show them how much they mean to you.

A dog in a dog lady's life turns it upside down. You were doing fine before and never even knew that you needed someone this much, but their entry in your life makes you realize how important it is to have someone to love and share your time with. Same is the case with a partner. Until you find that someone especial, you don’t realize how important companionship is but when you do, it just makes it a whole different experience.

Next, no matter how strict or reserved you are, a dog will make its way to your heart it will tear down all the boundaries you had built and claim its place and blossom you into a verfied dog lady. It will change you, soften you from the inside and perhaps even bring out the best in you. Isn’t that what people say about love too? It changes us for good doesn’t it?

Furthermore, dogs teach us about understanding one’s need. When you have a dog, you fulfil its emotional, physical and mental needs. Its needs to eat, to play, to be petted and taken out for walks, being their guardian, you take note of all these and try your best to live up to them. Same is the case with love. When you are in love, you understand the other person’s need. You give value to them and try your best to be your best.

Dogs are hard work. Providing for them, guessing what they need, caring for them, guarding them from other predators and more is like a 24 hours job. So is love. You better bring your A-game because it isn’t going to be easy. You will have tolerance to compromise, to share, to be barked at… It’s the not-so-good perks of the job but they come as a package.

Did you get your dog from a shelter home? Did you go searching for one? Which one did you chose and why? Most dog ladies say that they just felt like this was it. They were smitten by one and took it home. It was like love at first sight for them. Well, isn’t that for many of us in our relationships too? We saw someone and instantly knew that he was the one? Back us up ladies. Tell the world, the charm still exists!

Dogs also teach us about compromise, another important pillar of love. You may have kept your dog off a certain area in your house, strictly ordered it not to jump on the bed or ruin the toilet paper roll. But accidents do happen and you are left with nothing but to accept and compromise. That is a lot like being in love. Sometimes, the situation is out of your control and you can’t do anything about it. Even when it seems most unreasonable, you have to go with it and let your partner do it. You compromise when in love so that you don’t lose the person you are in love with. That is a big thing to learn from a small pet, isn’t it?


Dogs also teach us forgiveness. They teach us that mistakes are not always made intentionally and that every person must be given the benefit of doubt. Ever seen a video with a rescued dog who later found new loving parents? Why didn’t it give up on humans when they were the ones who treated it in the most unfair manner? No, it didn’t completely give up on all of them and allowed others to show their love. They forgive and forget.

Don’t they forgive us when we treat them harshly? Lock them up and leave them with a sitter they don’t like? Do they complain when we return from our wonderful trips or act rude? No, they don’t they greet us with the same enthusiasm they always do. So should humans.

So what if someone is giving you a tough time? Instead of completely shutting them out of your life, we must look at why they are acting that way. Perhaps, they are dealing with something more severe within themselves.

If we were to learn another thing from dogs, it is to never hold grudges. Whatever happened before shouldn’t be given enough power to rule your present or ruin your future. When dogs develop a bond it doesn’t break easy. It is a lifetime commitment. They will do their best to be there for you in your times of need and expect the same, but even if you fail in doing your part; they don’t hold it against you. They forgive and forget. So should you. We come across many difficult people in our lives. They test our limits and make living hell. But the only way we can deal with them is with kindness and love.

Time Management

Time management is important in life. One needs to prioritize things in the limited 24 hours we get in a day. How do dogs help us do that? First, they wake us up at five thirty in the morning because they need to use the loo. Next, they keep demanding that their eating needs be fulfilled. Then they request a little petting and as you leave for work. Then you come home and they are there waiting on the door for you to again pet them. Then comes the playing with the master hour and then dinner time. This and many more mundane tasks come in between and it happens exactly the same way everyday.

They don’t procrastinate as they understand that if they do, some great opportunities will be missed. They will come grab the treat at the earliest no matter how tired they feel. They will run up to you on your command if they know some extra petting will be done in the day. What we can learn from them is to not waste any opportunities that are lying around.

They even have a fixed time to eat which tells us that we should too, as one of the most common reason of obesity and poor hygiene is uncoordinated eating times. We skips breakfasts, then grab a donut at work, then again order something greasy for lunch and later munch on some snacks. Then while driving for home, we stop for a Chinese take out and then come home only to complain about your out-of-proportion body.

Dogs, in retrospect, never miss breakfast eat lunch on time, demand to be taken for a walk, burn calories while playing and then are at your table to finish up after you are done. Why are they in shape? Because they value the importance of time and why it is important that it be managed efficiently.


You may find it odd, but dogs do make us feel needed. They make one feel worth something. They constantly remind us that they can’t do without us when it comes to filling their food bowl or taking them out for a walk. Every human needs to feel that way. Knowing that you mean the world to someone is a feeling that each one of us craves to feel. It is blissful and comforting. Moreover, even our tiniest of efforts don’t go unappreciated when we do it for a dog. That makes us feel more important. Dogs also don’t judge like humans do, which as a result, demotivate us or makes us suffer from a low self-esteem.

According to a research paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, dog owners showed a stronger self-esteem than those without pets. Furthermore, they are known to make life more meaningful by giving it a purpose. No wonder, so many seniors living alone are recommended to own a dog by their doctors.


There is a reason why there is so much hype about allowing pets in the office. It is because a number of the benefits have been associated with them. Dogs in particular, have been chosen as the perfect companion to take to the office as they not only boost one’s productivity but also their creativity.

How can we say that? We have science-backed research to prove it. According to a recent study, scientists reveal that having interaction with dog releases the feel good hormones. These feel good hormones as a result makes one more active and mentally alert. The study showed that after a 30-minutes interactive session with a dog, the participants showed a significant boost in their oxytocin levels, which are known to make one feel happier and relaxed. Also, the same research revealed that having a dog also made collaborative work a possibility.

Lastly, dogs are great conversation initiators. Wish to initiate conversation with a fresher or your intimidating boss? Let the dog do it for you. They can be a great conversation starter when you have to make your voice heard as the initiation is the most difficult task. Dogs make that intimidation run down the hill and make the meeting or talk less formal and open.

Stress Management

Dogs in particular, have been known to decrease one’s reaction to stressful situations. In an experimental study, a group of people were asked to perform mental arithmetic tests in front of their dogs. Then, they were asked to do the exact same in front of their spouses. The study revealed that the participants experienced more stress while performing in front of their spouses as compared to their dogs.

A number of reasons can be associated with that. Being judged was the most prominent one. The thought of being judged and later, held accountable for doing something stupid often makes us feel the stress. However, when the participant did the same infront of their dogs, they didn’t feel like being judged or held accountable. Same is the case with other pets. For instance, fish has been known to reduce stress levels, which is why, we see them too often in hospitals, especially in dentist clinics. The presence of the fish tank releases a certain amount of stress about the forthcoming procedure.

Secondly, dogs help one stay in the moment rather than worry about the future or the past. If one wishes to lead a happy life, all they have to do is let go of old grudges and stop worrying about the future, isn’t that what every therapist tells? Because dogs demand your attention several times in a day, it breaks that chain of emotional stress and keeps us distracted.

Next, dogs fulfil to need for touch. The most comforting form of human interaction is a touch. It can come it the form of a pat, a tight hug or a passionate kiss. It is an act that comes with some emotion. You must have experienced the same as a doting dog lady when you bathe your dog or groom it with a brush. Doesn’t the act make you feel relaxed? It surely does even if you don’t particularly like doing it. That is because you are connecting with them in more than one ways. It isn’t only your eyes or your mouth that is involved but also your hands which make it more personal.

Lastly, according to a research study conducted by the psychologists at the Miami University, pet owners showed a better self-esteem than those who don’t own pets. They were felt less lonely and depressed than those who didn’t have pets at home. Researchers believe thatit is because pets make people more able to cope with stress and manage it accordingly.


Dogs make life happier. There is no other way to put it. That wagging tail, those muffled woof woofs, that jumping from excitement every time they see you in the driveway… all of that is enough to bring a smile on one’s face.

However, we shall take a look at three different studies to seriously understand how their entry in your life makes it happier. All of these were published in the research journal, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. All of the three revealed how having a dog in our lives improves our social relationships, our heath and our mood.

The first experiment conducted in the lab included 217 community members who owned dogs. Their routine behaviours were recorded and compared with those who didn’t own pets. By the time the study concluded, it was revealed that those with dogs were physically fit, had greater self-esteem weren’t lonely, less conscientious, socially outgoing and happier on the overall. The findings also revealed that the pet owners got the same level of support and love from their pet as their family members and friends. Those who were the closest to their pets also had deepest and closest relationships with their partners or spouses

The second study’s main participants were 56 dog owners. The study’s basic premise was to realize whether having a dog fulfilled the social need of their pet owners or not. The findings revealed that it did. In fact, having a dog fulfilled these needs more effectively. Dog owners seemed to have a greater sense of belongingness, more control, meaningful existence and a higher self-esteem not to mention, they were less depressed, less lonely or stressed out.

The third study’s main goals were to examine the benefits of pet in general. 97 pet owners were called in for an experimental study. Some of these participants were induced to social rejection. Later, all of them were asked to write a note either about their pets, friends or draw a map of the campus. Those who, after been induced to social rejection drew a map felt worse than before. Those who wrote about their dogs or friends showed a similar level of happiness and satisfaction with their lives. There were no negative feelings in their brains. It was revealed that when one thinks about their friend or their pets, the negative feelings were staved off. So to say that dogs offer the same companionship to humans and make their lives happier and improve their overall well-being isn’t wrong after all.


Lastly, dogs also seem to know a lot about the secrets to success. They teach their human friends the very basics without even making an effort or asking us to note down with a pen and paper in our hands. Intrigued as to what do they actually teach? Let’s dig together.

They teach us loyalty. Dogs, hands down, are the most loyal creatures that ever walked earth. Even humans can’t compete with them when it comes to proving our loyalty. We always falter at some point but dogs don’t. Even if they are mistreated, left alone for full day, they always come back to you. Who does that?

Next, they teach us to be proactive. Dogs that are bred to be guard dogs sense something bad is about to happen before it has even started. Anyone who wishes to be successful in their lives needs to be that alert and vigilant. Dogs tell us how to keep our eyes and ears open.

How can you aim for success when you are not even paying attention? The moment you lose your focus is the moment from where your downfall begins.

Furthermore, they teach us the importance of friendship and respect. Most dogs are friendly in nature. They love meeting new people and at the same time respecting someone’s boundaries. Every individual must learn these traits by heart as they are crucial to be learned and practiced. After all, no one likes to be greeted with rudeness or disrespect.

They also teach one how to trust unconditionally. Not to mention, they also teach one to be non-judgmental or critical. They are completely dependent on their owners to feed them, provide them shelter, keep them groomed, check for any infections etc. and when we fail to fulfil any of those needs they remind us, again without judgment. They understand that it is okay to sometimes forget. One must always be given another chance. They see the good in everyone else even when we aren’t able to see it.

Lastly, they are instinctual. They often do stuff that gets them into trouble later, but it never stops them from trying. Every individual looking for success must be a risk taker to some extent. One has to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. Like dogs, they need not to fear what consequences the action might have. One need to trust their gut, listen to their inner voice and do what they think is right even when the whole world is against it. So what if they fail, at least the outcome will teach some memorable lessons too.

So, dear fellow Dog Lady, do you now think you are the Luckiest Gal on Earth? If you feel blessed the same way as we do, please share the Dog Love by sharing this article with your fellow Dog Ladies.