Dog Home Ideas Worthy of a Built

Dogs, like us humans, deserve a house. A permanent shelter keeps them safe form bugs, harsh weather conditions, and viral diseases. Since they can’t always stay indoors with you, here are some great dog house plans that can easily be DIY-ed. It is time you build a dog house for them. From the thousands of ideas filling Pinterest boards, we have chosen the most suitable dog houses for you. The instructions, video tutorials, and essentials are all listed below, so we expect that you won’t have a tough time building one.

Let’s get working!

1. Crooked fun with Whitney’s workshop:

Doesn’t this look fun? There is something so whimsical about it that we can guarantee your dog is going to love it. Follow the detailed instructions to built one for your dog. P.S. it is going to be a little time-consuming but if you get all the things and measurements right the first time, you won’t have any problem building it.

2. Dog home with a porch by DIY Girl Cave:

This one’s great for dogs of all shapes and sizes. You can even have it customized with the addition of some paint, a couple of pet pillows, and a little lamp for the night. All in all, we believe its sturdiness is also something that sets it apart from the rest.

Want to learn how to build one? Follow the instructions here:

DIY Dog House

3. Elegance at its best:

This one’s a classic take on a dog house and is by far the easiest one to DIY. The detailed dog house plan makes it even easier to follow and put all the pieces together. Once done putting it together, give it a fresh coat of paint and you are done.

For step by step instructions, visit this link.

4. Tree house:

Well, not technically on a tree, this one is a slightly upped canine house for your dog. The ramp gives the dog house a more sophisticated and fun outlook on the whole. For instructions on how to build one, go here.

5. The modern dog house:

The final look of this house is super cute. It has two windows and a small door, allowing your dog to roam around while keeping watch for any suspicious behaviour.

If interested in making one, here is a tutorial you would love:

6. Tropical dog house:

This is another super easy and creative take on a dog house. This is ideal for a dog who loves going to the beech every weekend. For details on how to create this genius masterpiece, click below:

Tropical Dog House

P.S. Look how happy it looks in its new home.

7. The RV dog house:

Call it a camper dog house or a little RV for your pet, this is a fancier take on a dog house but preferable for smaller breed like toy dogs. If you have one, what is the wait for? Get working now. For detailed instructions on how to put it all together, read this document for free here.

8. Roof-deck dog houses:

There are two very cool variants on this one. This and this! The best part is of course the roof-deck that gives your dog and additional place to bathe in the sunny goodness when the weather is pawsome!

We will soon be back with more unique dog houses that catch our eyes, so stay tuned.

Until next time, happy DIY-ing!