DIY-Ing Dog Feeding Stations For Tall Dogs: Because Why Not?

If you have a canine like Great Dane, a Scottish deerhound or a Newfoundland, chances are they are going to give you a troublesome feeding time if you have the habit of placing the food bowl on the ground. Because of their tall stature, they are not very comfortable leaning down or sit when eating.

What they need are raised feeding stations that don’t make their neck hurt and keep their bellies properly filled. Now you may come across a dozen great feeding station on websites like Amazon, chewy or Petco, but why spend hundreds of dollars on them when you can DIY your own at home?

How? With out help of course!

Raised Food Bowl

This one is such and easy and helpful DIY. No wood cutting, or crate work is involved. All you need is an old (or even a new one, heck you are doing it for your dog) flower pot, cut a section of it from the bottom and place the food bowl on it. Voila as the lady says at the end. This one isn’t heavy, is portable and a colorful addition to your home. What else can you wish for?

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Drawer Food Bowl

See how easily the man used four ply of wood, drilled a few holes here and there brushed up some paint and made that dog feeding station? Well, you didn’t have to go through all that work if you already have a dresser drawer that is no longer in use. Just trim it down a little to make station depending on the height of your canine bestie and make one for it. Of course you will need some craftsmanship, but doesn’t it look much better than those at the local pet shop? They do, which is why you should make one too.

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Specialty Bowl for A Fast Water

Many times, it isn’t the feeding station or the food bowl that is the problem. The problem is your fast eater canine. Eating fast will only make your dog feel bloated and fatigued later. Therefore, if you want it to slow down, try drilling a few screws into the base of the bowl. Wanna see and learn? Here you go.

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Fruit Crate Feeding Stations

This one is hands down the cutest feeding station. This is made using empty fruit crates, some fresh paint, a few labels and hardboard. For detailed instructions, watch the video below.

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Bowl over bowl Feeding Station

Don’t have the time to make a wooden feeding station for your dog? No problem, try this one. It can’t get any easier than this now, can it?

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DIY Table Stand

This one makes an efficient use of any side coffee tables or stool that is no longer in use. You can easily turn them into feeding stations for your dog but cutting two holes (one for the food and one for water). Super easy, isn’t it? The tutorial below shows how to make one form scratch so if you don’t have any spare coffee tables lying around, this will surely help!

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