DIY-ing Costumes For Your Movie-Crazed Cat

Is your cat a fan of the movies? Does it fancy an actor/actress on the screen? Does it keep looking outside the window scripting a blockbuster cat movie in its mind where it saves the world from a world dog-mination?

If your feline is as movie-crazed as its owner, this article has a bunch of easy peasy DIY costumes for them to wear and look in character. All set to find out? Let’s begin!


Before we get on with the DIY cat costume, let’s decide who your favorite Batman is. Was Christian Bale your ultimate crush or did Ben Affleck take it all home in the 2017’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? For us, Bale will always remain Batman.

Coming back to the DIY cat costume, we believe the man in the video has a very cutesy kitten for starters. Next, you may notice that the video is in Dutch but watching it with subtitles on will surely help you create a DIY a costume of your own. You may also notice that the man uses store-bought wings, but you can totally make one of your own using printouts. This video will give you some idea about how to put it all together and make your kitty look fab wearing one. Who knows, you may see it meowing this with its other friends: Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big, black bat?


Most of us grew up watching Pokémon or running madly after one to catch it (the game Pokémon GO caught the world like Ebola). This detailed video by another cat lover shows how easy it is to turn your cat into one.

Star Wars –Princess Leia:

We believe it was something about her character that made her irresistible. There was a time when every man had a crush on Carrie Fisher, even the fictional character of Ross who always fantasized about doing “it” with someone in her costume.

This next video stars a lady and cuddly cat with a Princess Leia hat. She claims it is an easy DIY but only you can be the judge of that. Do try this and let us know.

Despicable Me – Minion:

Your cat will love this costume as much as the Minions love bananas. That is all we can say!

Star Wars – Chewbacca:

Another one from the same movie? Yes we know, no need to remind us. It’s just that Star Wars isn’t just a movie, it is one of those beautiful memories we all grew up with. It is that one thing that we all can relate to equally. Each character in the movie has its own significance… its own place.  So if you want your cat to look as happy as this lady who just bought a Chewbacca mask (she has over a 100 million views that even emptied stocks of the mask on Amazon and retail stores), then this next video of a DIY costume of Chewbacca will make your cat fall in love with it too.

Captain America

Another superhero movie starring the handsome hunk Chris Evans, the man in this video is no less one of a hero. Not only does he DIY a Captain America costume for his cat, he also DIYs many other superhero costumes. The second video is the cutest thing you will see on the internet today where the man’s little boy narrates the story of Captain America with multiple cats wearing costumes. We can guarantee you will fall in love with both. Another plus, it is super easy to make.

The story of Captain America narrated by a cute boy and his team of kittens.