DIY Cat Home: Giving Your Cat the Perfect Relaxing Spot

diy cat home

Wanna learn how to make a DIY cat home? Read on..

Cat trying to cut you off from all your social connections by sitting on your laptop? Cat trying to join you in for showers and pee? Cat DEMANDING space on your bed so that it can sleep with its arms and legs all extended? Cat trying to claim its spot on the couch when you try to watch some TV?

It happens when they don’t have a place of their own to call home. Since you took the oath to look after them and provide for them, giving them a relaxation spot is also included in that list of chores. But wait, don’t just go to the nearest shelter home or pet store and buy a brand new one.

Ever thought about making a DIY cat home? But how?

Here’s how to go about making a cat home!

DIY Cat Home # 1 – Cardboard Houses:

There are a number of different variations of diy cat homes you can make using old cardboard. This diy cat home seemed cuter than the rest and therefore is added to the list. The video does involve lots of cutting and gluing but the final result is too darn cute.

DIY Cat Home # 2 – Cat Suitcase Home:

Have a hipster kitty and an old suitcase no longer suitable to take to your travels? (Odd combination we know but can we suggest an idea?)

If your kitty goes on unannounced trips and returns after several days of hipstering around with the other kitties in the neighborhood, the suitcase bed in the linked video is what suits her personality the most. This diy cat home is super easy to make and you can easily ditch the coffee table legs and have it placed on the floor.

DIY Cat Home # 3 – Cat Tent:

All you need is 2 clothes hangers, a T-shirt, some safety pins and cardboard sheet for the base. To make what?

This diy cat home:

DIY Cat Home #4 – Cat Tipi:

Another one by the Friskies, this diy cat home uses a blanket, some wooden sticks, rope and some safety pins. With well-guided step-by-step instructions, we can’t help but fall in love with the end result. Watch it for yourself!

DIY Cat Home #5 – Egg Shell Tray:

This one is an easy-peasy effort but also one that won’t last for long, due to its lightweight. However, this could be amazing gift idea for your cat on Christmas. Just don’t forget to add some embellishments and lights to make it make it Christmassy.

DIY Cat Home #6 – Stiff Felt Home:

Cats love felt as much as they love cardboards. They do so for two reasons: first it gives them something to scratch their nails against and second, it isn’t too harsh too soft to sit on (like the goldilocks’ picked seatjust purrfect). The video linked below features Jeffrey Ju DIY-ing a little diy cat home for his Persian furball. You may notice that the video involves some sewing but you can also get the same results from glue instead of sewing.

DIY Cat Home #7 – Storage Bin Home:

These are by far the easiest ones to make from the list and involve barely any cutting or time-consuming tasks. All you need is an empty storage bin no longer in use and cut an opening on one of its sides – big enough to let the kitty pass through with ease. To see the diy cat home come to life, see the video linked below: