Cute To Death Cockapoos and Cockapoo Puppies

What Is The Cockapoo? Cocka WHO?

The Cockapoo is a cross in between the Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel. This cross originated in the United States. The Cockapoo is otherwise also known as a Spoodle or Cockerpoo, yet regrettably not Cockapoodledoodle haha.

Some dog breeders breed Cockapoos by crossing a pure-blooded Cocker Spaniel with a purebred Poodle. This is termed a first generation cross. Other breeders perform their art of breeding by crossing Cockapoos with other types of Poodles or Cocker Spaniels and this is called a backcross. It is also possible to cross with other Cockapoos and this is a multi-generation cross.

Here are some awesome crosses created by inventive breeders:

1. 2-5 pounds: The Teacup Cockapoo, which is a cross in between a Cocker Spaniel and Teacup Poodle.

2. 5-12 pounds: The Toy Cockapoo.

3. 12-20 pounds: The Mini Cockapoo.

4. 20-65 lbs: The uncommon Criterion Cockapoo.

Background Of The Cockapoos And Cockapoo Puppies


The Cockapoo dog is an older crossbreed amongst designer dogs. It has been enjoying increasing popularity since the sixties. The first cross breeding may well have been unintentional. However, the awesome outcome was a clutter of cute Cockapoo puppies that were incredible. They were intelligent, virtually odorless, had low-shedding, and were as loving and caring as the Cocker Spaniel.

As these young Cockapoo puppies were really well-liked, it gave birth to the new Cockapoo line. In fact, plans are underway to develop certain standards for Cockapoo breeding with consistent high qualities.

Cockapoo breeds seem to find great love amongst owners and are not known to be given up by their owners at high frequencies. This could be due to the fact that they have admirable qualities such as being really smart and loving. Cockapoos often find themselves in the enviable positions of being not just pets but also being beloved family members of their owners.

Cockapoo puppiesCheck Out The Cool Cockapoo Clubs!

If you are an owner of a Cockapoo, you may wish to join a Cockapoo club.

There are many Cockapoo clubs that you may consider and we list some below for your consideration:

1. Cockapoo Club of America was founded in 1999. This club favors breeding multigenerational Cockapoos rather than creating new generations in order to reproduce consistently. Apparently, this way of breeding helps young puppies maintain their high qualities, which are not present in first generation Cockapoos.

2. American Cockapoo Club was developed in 2004. Their Cockapoo breed requirement is to ensure that authentic Cockapoos are bred with lineage that can be traced back to their roots of both AKC/CKC Cocker Spaniels and AKC/CKC Poodles.

The Cockapoo’s popularity has soared greatly with time. With its soaring popularity, it is not surprising if the Cockapoo ends up as something more than just another “designer breed”.

So, Are You Gonna Buy A Cockapoo?

Well, have you made up your mind whether to get a Cockapoo? If you are still on the fence, here's a quick set of facts on the Cockapoo, for your consideration:

Fact 1: Some dog breeders breed Cockapoos by crossing a pure-blooded Poodle with a pure-blooded Cocker Spaniel. This is what you term a first generation type of cross.

Fact 2: Other breeders cross Cockapoos with other types of Cocker Spaniels or Poodles which is what you term a backcross.

Fact 3: In a cross with other types of Cockapoos, it results in a multi-generation cross.

Fact 4: The Teacup Cockapoo, which is a cross breed of a Teacup Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel weighs about 2-5 lbs.

Fact 5: The Toy Cockapoo's weight is about 5-12 pounds.

Fact 6: The Miniature Cockapoo's weight is about 12-20 pounds.

Fact 7: The uncommon Criterion Cockapoo is about 20-65 lbs.

Fact 8 : Some Cockapoo breeders desire to make the Cockapoo a pure-blooded pet dog and also use multigeneration going across, while various other breeders favor the standard Poodle/Cocker cross.

Fact 9: There are Cockapoo clubs, yet they're unaffiliated since they are of different breeding philosophies. For example, the Cockapoo Club of The U.S.A. is for reproducing multigenerational Cockapoos rather than developing new initial generations as they think that this strategy preserves the desired top qualities in young puppies that aren't seen in all first-generation dogs.