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    Crate Training your Puppy

    Many pet owners are overwhelmed at the prospect of having to housebreak their new puppy. It can seem like an impossible task at first but with some understanding and persistence can be a very simple process that will establish many years of cooperation between you and your dog. There are a few ways to handle […]

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    DIY-ing Costumes For Your Movie-Crazed Cat

    Is your cat a fan of the movies? Does it fancy an actor/actress on the screen? Does it keep looking outside the window scripting a blockbuster cat movie in its mind where it saves the world from a world dog-mination? If your feline is as movie-crazed as its owner, this article has a bunch of […]

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    Helping Your Dog Deal with Change

    Having a pet for many people is like having another family member. We love our dogs because they’re loving, sensitive, and often quite emotional. But for those same reasons, change can be very difficult for them. But unlike human family members, dogs don’t have the verbal capabilities for you to explain what’s going on. So […]

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    Hello and welcome to Pet Reporters! We are a bunch of passionate pet owners who are into Pet Training our awesome pets and we would LOVE to reach out and connect with you! We believe that “Every Pet Matters” because we believe like human beings, pets have their rights too and awful people should just stop […]

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    Why you Need Pet Plan Pet Insurance

    Finding the right veterinarian care for your pet is one of the most gratifying feeling, especially when it comes to a lifesaving procedure or treatment. This is because you want the best possible treatment for your pet. This can cost a lot of money if you don’t have a pet plan pet insurance in place. […]

  • Thank-You Page

    Dearest PASSIONATE PET OWNER Thank you for entrusting us with your email address and becoming our highly VALUED PET COMMUNITY MEMBER. As our SPECIAL MEMBER, we promise to try our very best to TICKLE you with HAPPINESS. As promised, you now have a VIP Pass to our community! As a bonus to you, get 10% […]

  • Thank You For Your Trust!

    Dearest PASSIONATE DOG OWNER Thank you for entrusting us with your email address and becoming our highly VALUED DOG TRAINING COMMUNITY MEMBER. As promised, you now have a VIP Pass to our dog training community! Here are your FREE goodies: 1. “52 Week Dog Training For Clueless Dog Owners” Jumbo Ecourse, which we will send […]

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    Finding The Best Pet Insurance

    Pet insurance is something that every pet owner is going to want to consider when they first become one. After all, you never know what is going to happen. It is always best to be prepared for the worst and to have sufficient protection. Below, we will be going over some of the different things […]

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    How Much Does Your Pet Insurance Cost?

    Are you curious how much pet insurance costs? It is a good question, the straightforward answer is that the average pet insurance policy begins at $32/month for a dog and $22/month for a cat. However, averages are not a decent indication of the amount it will cost to insure your cat or dog because the […]