5 DIY Dog Toothpastes That Your Pug Isn’t Going To Hate

dog toothpastes

Pugs are super-cute in their own miniature stature. They greet you with a slimy crooked-tooth smile the moment you are home, rush to curl around your feet, making your jeans wet with their drooling and begging to be petted. But as soon as you pick them up and give them a proper greeting in the form of a hug or patting on the head, they breathe -nearly sending you straight to heaven. Yes, pugs smell awful, most of the times. Because most toy dogs are prone to gum diseases, so are pugs! But bad breath is always an indication of some periodontal disease or health condition.
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Most pets give their owners a hard time when it comes to brushing the teeth and pugs are no different. Getting them to brush their gum properly is nothing short of a nightmare. They waste most of it by spitting it out or intentionally puking, causing you to spend more on their branded toothpastes. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could make one at home? Wouldn’t that be great?

Now that we have gotten your full attention, here are some great DIY dog toothpaste recipes to make for your pug.

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1. Peppermint Oil +Baking Soda +Coconut Oil

This is, hands down the best diy dog toothpaste! This easy DIY dog toothpaste uses only three ingredients and all those your pug is gonna love. Don’t believe us? Try making one for your dog. We are sure you will easily find all the ingredients in your pantry. Enjoy the tutorial.

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2. Neem + Peanut Butter Dog Toothpaste

The combination may seem a bit odd to some, but we can guarantee your dog won’t even taste the neem because the peanut butter will mask it beautifully. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!

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3. Beef Bullion DIY Dog Toothpaste

We extracted this recipe from the website from the Dogaholic website. Why we think it is worthy of being included in the list? Because it includes your pug’s favorite flavor – beef bouillon!

4. DIY Natural Dog Toothpaste by Modern Hippie Habits

This next one in the list is by Kait (aren’t we obsessed with her already?). She uses a handful of ingredients to make one of the best homemade dog toothpaste for bad breath. You can easily jot down the ingredients from her website here. But wait, how can we leave without treating you with this super cute tutorial of the same? You can’t not fall in love with her dogs!

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5. 3-Ingredient DIY Dog Toothpaste

This one is super-easy to make. All you need is some baking soda, olive oil or some other oil your dog enjoys the smell off and some water. For the quantities of each, watch the tutorial below.

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